Welcome to the Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology

The BGDO is an independent national group open to all physicians or researchers who have an interest in gastrointestinal oncology.


BGDO Annual Meeting: BRAIN PUZZLES IN GI CANCER - 13 January 2024 > Go to details

BGDO Educational  webinar: ASCO and ESMO Updates -   7  November 2023 >replay is available

BGDO Educational program: What you really need to know on NEN and pancreaticobiliary tumors! - 25 April 2023 > Go to details

BGDO Annual Meeting: Genetics, Genomics and Clinics  -  14 January 2023 - replay is available

BGDO Educational program: Update on Upper GI tumours - 15 June 2023

BGDO ESDO MASTERCLASS: Multidisciplinary challenges in GI cancers - 18-19 November- Brussels > Go to details

BGDO Educational program: Post-congress meeting > Highlights from ESMO GI, ASCO and ESMO  - 22 September 2022 

BGDO Educational program: What’s on the liver: Diagnostic and therapeutic workup for primary liver tumors.  - 16 June 2022 < Play again part 1 - Part 2

BGDO Educational program: What’s next on (E)NETs?  - 26 April 2022 > REPLAY - Go to details

BGDO New Board 2022 -2025  Alain Hendlisz - president, Karen Geboes - vice president, Leen Mortier - Secretary , Eric Van Cutsem - Treasurer, Ivan Borbath, Javier Carrasco, Saskia Carton, Veerle Casneuf, Anne Demols, Marc Peeters, Sabine Tejpar, Marc Van den Eynde, Jean-Luc Van Laethem

BGDO Annual Meeting:  Immunotherapy in G-I Oncology -  15 January 2022 - go to details

BGDO Educational program: Update on lower GI Tumours - 9 Dec. 2021 - go to details

BGDO Educational program: Highlights of ASCO & ESMO World Congress - 7 Sept. 2021 - View again

FFCD & BGDO Digestive Oncology Course - 20-21 May 2021 - Slides are available > Go to details

BGDO Educational program: Update on Upper GI Tumours- 5 May 2021 - Go to details

The joint advice on screening for DPD-deficiency in patients treated with 5-FU, initiated by the Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology (BGDO) and endorsed by the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO), College of Genetics (CG), Toxicological Society of Belgium and Luxembourg (BLT) has been published in ACTA CLINICA BELGICA. We all invite you to read the article. Go to the abstract 

BGDO Award 2021 - Congratulations to Sarah Cappuyns, UZ Leuven for her project on "The ongoing search for biomarkers in systemic treatment of advanced Hepatocellular carcinoma".

BGDO DNET Award 2021 - Congratulations to Timon Vandamme, UZ Antwerpen for his project on "Sequential everolimus and sunitinib treatment after failure of somatostatin analogues in DNET, a Belgian prospective registry of neuroendocrine neoplasms"

Virtual BGDO Annual Meeting:  Rectal Cancer -  9 January 2021 Go to details

Virtual Post-ESMO Meeting on GI Cancers OnDemand now available

REACHIN trial: Results published in the Annals of Oncology on 24 May 2020
Regorafenib after failure of gemcitabine and platinum-based chemotherapy for locally advanced/metastatic biliary tumors: a randomized, double-blind, phase 2 trial – REACHIN

The COVID-19 pandemics creates a rapidly evolving situation, in which recommendations may vary in a matter of days from one region to another and even differ among several hospitals in the same region.
Belgium is beginning today its deconfinement period, and we have to reckon the high-risk possibility of an abrupt setback.
To reflect this development, we removed previous recommendations from our website, and have provided hereunder links to several general papers from international scientific organizations.

BGDO TRIALS presented at ESMO and ASCO-GI Results of the MAGNET, QOLINPAC and REACH-IN trials are communicated in international congresses
MAGNET and QOLINPAC are accepted as poster and poster discussion at the forthcoming ESMO, and REACH-IN is sent as abstract for presentation at ASCO-GI.

The BGDO has been recognized legally as Sponsor for non-commercial clinical trials,which is a huge step forward for the implementation of new trials, and the development of the BGDO as a valid and reliable partner with other collaborative groups.

Letter to the Minister Maggy De Block - The BGDO gives its opinion
The BGDO board took the initiative to write a letter to the Minister. We have the will to be involved in the discussions of all aspects of digestive oncology, including the surgical aspects. Improvement of the quality of digestive oncology in Belgium is indeed one of the main raisons of our multidisciplinary group

DNET Registry

The Digestive Neuroendocrine Tumor registry is a registry to collect epidemiological and medicinal data of patients suffering from digestive neuro-endocrine tumours via an electronic database.


The cancertrials.be website is an initiative of the Belgian Society for Medical Oncology (BSMO). The aim of the website is to provide Belgian oncologists swift access to information on trial opportunities for their patients, with the possibility to directly contact one of the sites where the trial is open.

Mission statement

The Belgian group of Digestive Oncology (BGDO) is an independent non-profit, scientific, association open to all physicians or researchers who have an interest in gastrointestinal oncology.

It was created in 2003 and counts experts from different specialities, who are involved in GI cancer therapy.

The aims of the BGDO are

  • to improve the quality of care in GI oncology in a multidisciplinary way,
  • to enhance and promote teaching in the field of GI oncology by meetings and symposia,
  • to stimulate research in GI oncology
  • to develop protocols and guidelines for the benefit of patients and medical care,
  • to acitvely support and participate in national and international investigator driven clinical trails

For these purposes, the BGDO is collaborating with others national or international societies in order to work on common guidelines.