Aim & Goals

The Belgian group of Digestive Oncology (BGDO) is an independent non-profit, scientific, association open to all physicians or researchers who have an interest in gastrointestinal oncology.

It was created in 2003 and counts experts from different specialities, who are involved in GI cancer therapy.

The aims of the BGDO are

  • to improve the quality of care in GI oncology in a multidisciplinary way,
  • to enhance and promote teaching in the field of GI oncology by meetings and symposia,
  • to stimulate research in GI oncology
  • to develop protocols and guidelines for the benefit of patients and medical care,
  • to acitvely support and participate in national and international investigator driven clinical trails

For these purposes, the BGDO is collaborating with others national or international societies in order to work on common guidelines.

The BGDO is member of the European Society of Digestive Oncology (ESDO) and works in close collaboration with the Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive (FFCD) and the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO), through sharing our trials on the website


The BGDO Board invites all interested colleagues to visit the BGDO website.