BGDO Board Renewal 2019 – 2021

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According the bylaws of the BGDO, half of the board has to be renewed every 3 years. Six members of the board will resign this year, in order to make an overlap possible between the succeeding board for a three years mandate.

The election of board members is however dependent on a system of guaranteed representation:

  • Non-academic: at least 33 % in every linguistic region non-academic.
  • Academic: at least 50 % in every linguistic region academic
  • Linguistic: at least 1/3 French and 1/3 Flemish.
  • No more than 2 members of same hospital or same university.

The board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the association. It has final and complete control over all decisions made by the association, including the areas of finance, legal matters, clinical trials, administration, personnel and others.

Board members appointed for 6 years in 2013: Alain HENDLISZ, Jos JANSSENS, Marc PEETERS, Brahim RAMDANI, Eric VAN CUTSEM, Jean-Luc VAN LAETHEM. Brahim Ramdani resigned from the board and has been replaced by Marc VAN DEN EYNDE.

Board members appointed for 6 years in 2016:  Ivan  BORBATH,   Saskia CARTON – Veerle CASNEUF – Karen GEBOES – Leen MORTIER – Patrick PAUWELS

Interested to join the board?  
Complete the candidacy form and submit it before 9 December 2018
Any BGDO member who has paid its annual contribution can be candidate to become a board member

Electronic voting
The voting will take place online during the month of December.

During the BGDO General Assembly on Saturday 12 January 2019, results of the elections will be announced and the newly elected Board members will be introduced to the Assembly. .